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May 8th Meeting (Dinner Meeting)

Our next meeting is scheduled for May 8th at the Proud Bird.   Checking and registration starts at 6pm with Speaker Allen You of Raytheon presenting on "Journey of VPP and Beyond"

Please RSVP to Michelle Rosales  (mrosales@forensicanalytical.com)

Members and Guests: $20



The Proud Bird


(310) 670-3093
11022 Aviation Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045

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Speaker for the SCAIHA dinner:

Allen You, MS, CIH, CSP --->  Journey to VPP and Beyond




"Courses That Make a Difference"


 April to June 2014

*Ergo Online:  Monthly Ergonomics Webinar 2014 Series:

Selected Tuesdays Every Month 11 am to noon Pacific-Time Basic to Intermediate or Advanced

For monthly topics and level (Basic/Intermediate or Advanced) please go to:


*OSHA TRAINING INSTITUTE COURSES AT UCLA Offered through a partnership of the SCERC and OSHA Training Institute Education Center at UC San Diego

To Register: http://osha.ucsd.edu(800) 358-9206 FOR 2014 Schedule: http://www.ph.ucla.edu/erc/osha.htm

*FEATURED CLASSES*Workplace Safety Week –See Locations and Dates below



WORKPLACE SAFETY WEEK  - Workplace Safety Week Classes will be given at 4 other locations in addition to Downtown LA. The dates and locations are shown toward the end of this Bulletin.

Day one: Incident Investigation and Reporting Level 1- This interactive workshop prepares the participant for reporting, investigating, and correcting the conditions that lead to workplace accidents and near‐misses (incidents)

Day 2:Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) ) We will discuss and understand what is Cal/OSHA’s IIPP, what is its purpose, what are its requirements and how to develop, implement and update an effective IIPP.           

Day 3 Morning: Bloodborne Pathogens ½ Day Morning.  Information every employee who has an occupational exposure needs to know to avoid accidental exposure to potentially infectious materials and to manage an accidental exposure if one occurs.        

Day 3 Afternoon: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ½ Day Afternoon.  This class addresses the general industry requirements of both California and Federal OSHA with an emphasis on head, face, eye, body, hand, foot, and respiratory protection.   

Day 4 Morning: Office Ergonomics- ½ Day Morning. The main objective of this training course is to provide both employees and employers with tangible tools to identify and remove risk factors strategically and comprehensively.    

Day 4 Afternoon: Heat Illness Prevention: Indoor and Outdoor -½ Day Afternoon.  Workshop will cover the Cal/OSHA Requirements of Reg. #3395.  Participants will learn to recognize the risk factors and symptoms associated with heat illness and the strategies to prevent it.   

Day 5 Morning: Hazard Communication:  OSHA’S & Cal/OSHA'S NEW REQUIREMENT -  ½  Day Morning. This course introduces the new GHS system, adopted by OSHA and Cal/OSHA which replaces MSDS’s. Cal/OSHA requires:  Employers with hazardous chemicals in the workplace are required to train all employees on new label elements and new format for 16-section Safety Data Sheets  by December 1, 2013.

To help you comply with the Regulation you can take this Course.  Includes trainthetrainer so you can take the training back and train your employees. Onsite Training also available.



7-10   OSHA 3095-Electrical Low Voltage Standards Federal        ORANGE COUNTY

8  ERGO ONLINE MONTHLY WEBINAR SERIES: “Using 3D CAD SYSTEMS FOR      ERGONOMICS” Advanced 11:00-Noon Pacific Time                  ONLINE    

14-18 *WORKPLACE SAFETY WEEK*                                                       RIVERSIDE

21-23 OSHA 502 Trainer Update-Construction Industry Refresher  DOWNTOWN LA

24       Trainer Update-Cal/OSHA Construction and Refresher          DOWNTOWN LA     




12-16  *WORKPLACE SAFETY WEEK*                                              ORANGE COUNTY

13       ERGO ONLINE:  MONTHLY WEBINAR SERIES  “ERGONOMICS IN MOVIE AND TV        PRODUCTION”   Intermediate  11:00-Noon Pacific Time                         ONLINE



2-5    OSHA 3045 Machine Guarding                                                    DOWNTOWN LA

9-13  *WORKPLACE SAFETY WEEK*                                   Bakersfield

O9-11            UCSD 3010 Trenching & Excavation      ORANGE COUNTY

10       ERGO ONLINE:  MONTHLY WEBINAR SERIES “Evaluating Products with Usability Ergonomics”   Intermediate   11:00 –Noon Pacific Time             ONLINE

12-13 OSHA 3011 Trenching and Excavation Los Alamitos

17-19 Occ. Health & Safety Principles and Nursing Certification Review  UCLA

23-27         *WORKPLACE SAFETY WEEK*                                     UCLA

WorkplaceSafety Week Dates and Locations

April 14-18   Riverside

May 12-16   Orange County

June 9-13    Bakersfield

June 23-27  UCLA

 FOR DETAILS:  http://www.ph.ucla.edu/erc/ced.php 

TO REGISTER:  https://commerce.cashnet.com/socaleducationandresearchcenter

Phone 310 206.2304erc@ph.ucla.edu

Of Special Interest to Safety Professionals

  • Ethics for Health and safety Professionals Webinar - May 20 and 22


Other Courses Coming in 2014

Fundamentals of Workplace Safety with 10 Hour OSHA Card         July

Workplace Violence Prevention                                                         July

Work Culture Transformation                                                            July

Introduction to Industrial Hygiene                                                     August

Incident Investigation 1 and 2                                                            October

Confined Space Awareness                                                                October

 FOR DETAILS -  http://www.ph.ucla.edu/erc/ced.php


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